hello just got an 1988 st165

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hello just got an 1988 st165

Postby mi645 » Wed Feb 26, 2014 1:07 am

just got an alltrac st165 here in socal, i picked it up from norcal,
so far all i know by working on it, it has st185 manifold down pipe, ct26 twin entry turbo, after market an fittings and lines for the turbo feed and return, tried to get the factory lines from toyota they are doscontinued.
for st165, for st185 they had a few lines but i wasnt sure they would work, also 1 of the calipers are seized, so i got 2 oem seal rebuild kit 18 bucks from my toyota dealership with my employee discount only 2 in the nation left, so parts r pretty hard to find for this vehicle, also distributor is leaking so i got a new o-ring,
cel code 12 and 34. i modifed the wastegate, when i bought it, the waste gate was not actuating, i modified the rod and clocked the turbo to get it to boost, it boosts but i believe its boosting over factory spec, 7 pounds correct? also car sputters and revs weird, when the engine is cold. ideas?
im enjoying this project
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Re: hello just got an 1988 st165

Postby Awesome-Trac » Wed Feb 26, 2014 1:16 am

Welcome and how dare you take a Alltrac from SoCal! Lol j/k
Got any pics?
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Re: hello just got an 1988 st165

Postby mi645 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:46 pm

Lol awesomewong, didnt even notice it was u until now,
Its me michael, lol im bringing this back from the dead, i will upload pix today of whats going on.
Bottom line is, i gave up on the st165 current condition, realized its gonna need a heck lot more of what i tho.
I saved up over time 2-3 years now, stored it away and broughy it out and started working on it,
I putchased an st205 clip, with rear diff, subframe and brakes,
Still need to figure out best way to mount front st205 brake calipers.
Anyways im building the gen 3 atm, sadly tore it apart found everything to be in great condition, (such a waste)
Im doing cp pistons, carrillo rods, and going to balance the crank, with ACT flywheel/ xtss clutch,
for the head, i plan to run gen 3 na 3sge intake camshaft, as i have 1 from my st202 track car, that i will run kelford cams on it, and for the alltrac i plan to street it and occasional track, so wont need crazy cam shafts for it,
Havent figured out what to use for exhaust cam, debating if gen 3 3sgte intake cam to fit exhaust side.
On the cylinder head im doing BC valve guides/ keepers and +1mm oversized valves, also trying to figure out a good option for a crank pulley.
As for the chassis, lots of rusted parts, controls arms, rack and pinion, battery tray. Brake booster, all the brackets that hold stuff likecoil, fuel filter, etc. all of it rusted, paint slightly faded on roof and hood.
Interior is clean, thats about it for now.
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