Returning after a long hiatus.

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Returning after a long hiatus.

Postby AlltracAvenger » Sat May 23, 2015 2:10 pm

Hey, everyone. I was around here a very long time ago; I even remember the board crash and reset in '04. I had a problematic black '165 that I sold for 'practical' reasons at the end of '06. I'd been kicking myself ever since. After a string of cars ranging from Acura Legends, Pontiac Grand Prix GTPs, Audi 200 Quattro 20v, and my current '95 BMW 540i/6, I'm returning to my roots.

I picked up the car in this ad back in January: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=49565

The seller wasn't ready to sell but I put down a deposit to hold the car back in January. At the end of April he pulled the '165 out of storage and I made a flight out to Detroit to see the car. After a test drive and a long, hard look at the car I took the chance and jumped on a nice, low-mileage '165. After some serious problems with the shipping company(I'd rather not type that nightmare out), I finally received my new '165:






Image And, next to my rare E34 540i 6-speed.

The '165 was in serious need of a detail. The body isn't perfect; the most glaring issues are the rolled fenders that have some surface rust that need to be taken down and repainted as well as surface rust on a dime-sized rock chip on the hood. However, mechanically this car is insanely well-kept. Doesn't leak a single drop of anything. Runs perfectly(although the exhaust is a little obnoxious). I haven't pushed her that much, but the full Whiteline kit and current wheel/tire combination demonstrates impressive handling.

I drove her about 200mi last weekend with absolutely no issues. However, she developed a bad misfire on Monday so I got her in to my local BMW indy shop(one of the mechanics there has worked on a couple of GT-Fours and they're the go-to shop in town for vintage Ferraris so I feel confident in their work). The misfire turned out to be a bad spark plug, but I'm having some deferred maintenance done while she's in there. New belts, water pump, oil pump, oil pressure sender(the original is working erratically), and a coolant replacement.

I'm very happy and confident about this car. While there's only 33K on the clock, I will be driving her as intended. I won't be beating the life out of her, but she's not going to be sitting around completely unused. Cars are meant to drive and run, not to sit in a garage or in a driveway and collect rust and dust. The way I'm looking at it, I've got a nearly new example of one of Toyota's best sports cars of the time. I'm going to most likely keep her original for the most part(I'm considering the JDM GT-Four decal package I picked up from another forum member a couple of months ago) and enjoy her as she is, but she's one car I'm never going to sell or give up. I made that mistake once before.

Here's one more after several hours with a claybar, polish, and wax:

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Re: Returning after a long hiatus.

Postby Rick89GTS » Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:40 am

Welcome back. Nice looking AllTrac. Can't believe the low mileage on that 165!
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