Reminiscing about my GT4

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Reminiscing about my GT4

Postby Myoldgt4 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:19 pm

Hi, I'm new to this forum, but had for years followed other forums re. GT4's.

Back in 1992, i bought a used ST165 from 1989. It ran poorly, the cat was stuffed, badly tuned.
That started years of modications, tuning, swapping parts, online chats/friendships.

I owned the car for 14 years, and put 300,000km on it. At the end of my ownership, it was a barely (well...maybe not) legal street racer, that had been run very hard for a very long time. Most of the non-essentials had been stripped out.
After too many tickets, I repainted her from red to Scooby blue. Strange, but cops don't notice blue as much...

She was still a ton of fun.
But my life had changed. Got a real professional job and couldn't spend time wrenching.

So I sold it to a friend. He auto-crossed her for about 5 years. And stripped out more parts. And painted her red again. :) He finally blew the engine in Florida. Trailered her back home and sold her again.

The next guy apparently ice-raced her for about another 5 years. Put in a new engine and some of those non-essentials.
Ok...i guess a heater is useful while ice-racing. Jeeze.

So it seems the old girl is still alive. Would love to hear about her adventures. And see pics.

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