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new member in TAMPA

Postby killaziggy » Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:56 pm

wassup all, i've had my car for about 4 years but shortly after i bought it we got stationed in Germany. Cars been with my dad for three years and im getting it shipped back down to me here in Tampa. Car works well, has had one engine rebuild 2.5 cat back, and a manual boost controller. It has always had ALOT of excess fuel coming out the tail pipe probably due to the boost controller, i think the previous owner also disconnected a sensor. i just havent had the time yet to get under it and check everything out. my dad recently got her a new paint job (unfortunately painted the sunroof shut) but thats another story all together. I'm gonna take care of the three years of neglect, find out whats causing the engine light to come on, and then see if i can find some power. think im going to start with a tune and if necessary an engine management system and go from there. if anybody is near tampa id love to meet up and exchange some ideas/get some advice.

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