New Member from SC!

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New Member from SC!

Postby Mabob » Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:55 am

Hello Everyone!

The name's MJ. I've recently picked up a ST185 up in Indiana, with plans to set it up as my new daily, replacing my '02 7th Gen GT-S. This is my fourth Toyota, along with the 7th Gen, I've owned a '90 ST that I swapped a Silvertop into a loooong time ago, and I currently own a '91 MR2 with a Redtop Beams swap that I use as an Auto-X/track car.

I'm a lurker in most forums by nature, and rarely chime in unless I'm in desperate need of help or trying to come out to group events, but I felt it proper that I at least introduce myself. I'll see you all around!
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