Hi from Bulgaria ST185 engine rebuild

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Hi from Bulgaria ST185 engine rebuild

Postby toyota-bg » Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:17 am

Hello celica fans.
I have ST185 and two years and half ago i i blow up the engine. The car was staing in my garage since ten. No i start to repair it.
I take out the engine and gear box.
Took apart the entire engine and saw the problem , the piston on 3rd cylinder was meted to the site and between the piston rings i found a nasty hole.
Because i had expirience like mechanik in local toyota service in the past i have found the piston OE code in the EPC 13101-88381-02 marc 2 piston with C on it.
Unfortunatly when i try to order my self a new set of pistons 2pcs mark 2 and 3 pcs mark 3 i found out tha those are out of production and can't be ordered anymore.
I need an advice what to do now.
There is an option for secod hand pistons from UK. Is this the right move or not, i want to keep the car in stock mod, cuz i want to use it as a winter car.
I want to pdate just the cylinder head gasket to metal from 3rg gen 3S-tge engine, but not sure if i need to make any additional moods or i just need to fit the gasket and tight it. With this my idea is to increase the boost to 16psi. Just an info i already have the fuel cut device and the car also came from privious owner with some other electronic fuel control unit that is connected to the engine ECU. I plan to remove tis one because i think that because of this now the engine is brocken.
So let go back to the idea. When i rebuid the engine and r fit it in to the car, i want to put a manual(mechanical fuel presure regulator and eltronic boost contoler. Also if i fount CT20B from ST205 i want to replace the OE CT26, and to put front mount intercooler.
Those mods will not cot alot and the car will be verry close to stock version. Maibe for futere i will put a water injection sytem.
Now the biggest problem are the pistons and the head gasket.
If some of you can give an advice from where i can order OE pistons and rings. I took one old piston from a friend that is from 3rd gen 3SGTE, so i can check if it will fit. the only thing that can not be same is the compression ration is that true?
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