Clutch sticking

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Clutch sticking

Postby brooke1017 » Wed Apr 13, 2016 4:45 am

About a month ago I relaced the slave cylinder on my 1992 all Trac. The clutch has about 11k. Today, for the first time My pedal stuck to the ground, and I couldn't find it as I attempted to shift into 3rd. I came to a stop and has to pull the clutch out. I made it to a pull off where a friend came to help me bleed the clutch. We bled it about 5 times and it got worse. Could it be a faulty slave cylinder? But...the fluid isn't leaking but it is a Grey merky color. But it looks fairly new.I've had the car for 2 months... please let me know what you think and how to fix it if
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Re: Clutch sticking

Postby FC Zach » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:23 am

See any signs of leaking from the master? Not just from the bay but from the inside of the car as well. I Had a similar problem which ultimately led to needing a new clutch, no trying to scare you but this is what happened in my scenario. .

-I had no clutch pressure one week, replaced the faulty OE slave cylinder and all was good for a short while.
-On few different occasions sometime after the slave replacement. . Out of nowhere I couldn't get the trans in gear. I replaced the master (even though it showed no sign of leaking), suspecting that it may have been leaking internally past the piston. . . No positive results came from this so I did the dreaded tranny removal for further inspection.
-I found a defective Exedy Stage 1 friction plate that only had a few thousand miles on it sadly :(

That piece of metal was found lodged in a way that it prevented me from putting the car in gear.
Out of curiosity, what brand clutch is currently in the car?
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