Not new Celica owner

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Not new Celica owner

Postby mrfunny107 » Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:25 pm

Hi guys!!!!

I don't know if I dug myself into a hole, but my buddy and I went in on a 1989 Celica Alltrac for $2500. He saw it on craigslist a week ago and had me come check it out. Small world, when I pulled up to the seller house it turns out we use to autoX together a couple years ago. (He now drives a red MR2 turbo in modded class).

Story has it the car was in the process of a head gasket change 10 years ago and was never finished. Luckily it sat in a garage. So MR2 guy pics it up for dirt cheap. He bought a 1st gen 3sgte and a bunch of parts. A year after he buys it, he walks into the garage to work on it and stared at it. At that moment he found it fit to get rid of it. He had no time or motivation for it anymore.

The interior is in amazing shape!!!!! It is white with very minimal rust. My friends Chris and Stacey, who are also on the forums, gave me check list to go over. The wheels wells are clean!!!!!! There are minor surface rust spots, but nothing you can poke a screwdriver threw.

So hopefully by the end of summer the car will be up and running. The plan is to do a full safari spec restoration. Hopefully my time with FSAE and mechanical engineering degree will help with that.

These are my modes of transportation:


Ill post pics of the alltrac and my bike eventually.


I have a fresh imported 1st gen motor and trans. They are out of the car. From past experiences I already know to change EVERYTHING while its out. Can you guys give me a list of major components to replace? Supposedly it has 60K miles. MR2 guy bought it from the same engine importer he got his MR2 motor from and 500 hard autox miles its still running and no leaks.
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