st165 in west africa (ex american market)

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st165 in west africa (ex american market)

Postby vitor » Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:12 pm

It was 1988 on my way to high school in Portugal i used to pass in front of a ST165 alltrack I drooled all over it. The car looked fast even when it was parked
Almost 30 years passed, I am not little kid anymore: married, with a son living in Africa I had completely forgotten the teenage dream until one night I was surfing a facebook local page for used cars. Nothing was going on: just the same boring cars until there are a couple of blurry photos with just the line “celica petrol for sale” One of the photos was from the engine bay and it didn’t looked the regular 1600 cc. I contacted the seller that was on another island and asked more details, it turned out he was just selling the car of the old aunt. He checked the documents and indeed it was a st165. He told me the aunt and uncle lived in the usa were they had this car. When they returned home they couldn’t leave the car behind so they brought it with them. The Uncle died in 2014 and the Aunt was afraid of driving the car but couldn’t sell it because of the memories, two years have passed and she decided to get back to the states to live with her son’s so finally decided to sell the car, and that was it.
Well part of me wanted to buy this childhood dream car but other part thought it was too god to be true specially the part of a old sports car belonging to “one old lady that only used it to go to church”
I Told the guy straight away “ I buy the car, hold the sale until tomorrow” I will ask a friend that lives there to see it and if he says the car is ok and the documents are in order you get the money straight away. And so it was a couple of other guys inquire about the car and the guy said it was reserved for a buyer. My friend checked the car and said “it’s not a new car but for a 28 years car its in good condition” So I transferred the money, arranged the transportation and waited for the arrival.
Well it arrived and its good from far but far from good, 4 old tyres from 3 different measures, something loose on front left suspension, a bad paint job, it rains inside, some broken plastics, the driver’s door doesn’t close properly…..

Anyway I got lots of work ahead and will need some help
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Re: st165 in west africa (ex american market)

Postby underscore » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:35 pm

That's a great way to end up with one, welcome!
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