89 camry all-trac owner

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89 camry all-trac owner

Postby alltracfanatac » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:00 pm

hello there I have owned my 89 camry trac for 3 years with a blown rear main seal and just recently it explode on me and a rod knocked for a minut and I'm pretty sure the timing belt broke aslwell in her so I'm pretty confident the engine is done and I am searching for a new 1 and trying to get as much info as I can on the subject of engine swapping. so far I have learned that early 88 models and 87 ones have a 6 bolt on their 3sfe engines so don't go that rout find an 89 or 90 with the 8 bolt main and ive got my eyes on a couple two wheel drive models ive read the engine can be swapped on them. so I am here on the forums tellin my story and will probly make a engine swap thread if I find one of my adventures with this 4 wheel drive setup that has giving 40,000 miles of fun in the snow and old dirt roads so i'm hoping to drop another engine in and keep on going this winter thanks :)
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