Hello hello again, 15 years later.. AE95 from Washington

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Hello hello again, 15 years later.. AE95 from Washington

Postby heyjakers » Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:56 pm

Gosh I don't know.. Might have been 2001 when I was here for a while with an IMSA trim st165.. 15 years ago?

Hi! Hello again, Jake here.
Feels good to be back. Yesterday wife and I picked up a super clean, light blue Corolla Alltrac sedan. It was in Yakima, WA, I imagine some of you might have seen that.

Worked out pretty good. The previous owner lives up the road, wife and I geeked out, dropped everything.

It came with the complete 800 page Toyota shop manual, electrical manual..stunned.

The car is immaculatly stock.. I'll figure out how to post a picture and will upload/embed some shots, someday.

Also, seemed liked a good omen, the day before we bought it, we were passing through Stevenson, WA and I spotted a bright red ST165 with a handful of work done to it. Has a hood vent, anyone know who's that? I didn't think to leave a note, didn't know I'd be buying an alltrac the next day.

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