Looking for IMSA 165!

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Looking for IMSA 165!

Postby Zrun488 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:35 pm

Hey everyone,

I've had a few All-tracs over the years, my first (an IMSA) was back in 93' living in SoCal. We used to fill them up with 110 at Norton and go have some fun on the way up to Snow Valley and Big Bear.

I am currently looking for an 88' IMSA like the one I used to have. I am looking at one now, but it appears to have a mileage discrepancy and some other body issues that are making me a bit hesitant. My goal is to restore one or maintain one in mint, pristine condition as a tribute car for my buddy that used to also have one out in Ontario CA.

I've been on here for about 10+ years, but we all know how it goes, one day I'm on here, the next I'm working and ten years goes by!

Thanks all!
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