5S-GTE vs 3S-GTE build choice

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5S-GTE vs 3S-GTE build choice

Postby CADeathstar » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:24 am

Good day to everyone. I am in need of some assistance for an engine build choice for my GT-4. I am not sure whether to do a rebuild of the 3s-gte or to do a 5s-gte build instead. The horsepower range is going to be anywhere from 250hp - 550 hp. I know that the 3sgte can easily make power in this range, but I am also very interested in the 5sgte.
Some people say that the 5sgte is too difficult to build and too time consuming :| , but I am very interested in building the 5s. Can any tell me the differences between the build, advantages, disadvantages and a detailed description of an awd 5s-gte build. I have also heard that you have to drill and tap the block to fit the 3s head and even grind and tap the block to fit the awd transmission. Is this true ? Soo much is running through my mind... :cry:
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