Proud owner of an AE95...looking for resources...

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Proud owner of an AE95...looking for resources...

Postby hilslamer » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:28 pm


Joining because is closed and I need to find other Toyota knowledge resources. Always wanted a Celica but never found one practical, so ended up with a Sprinter Carib with ~300,000+ km's on the clock but suprisingly tight drivetrain due to old lady owner and lots of highway time on a long commute, apparently.

1989 AE95, AV1 trim, code:CWMDH owner. Japanesenew, imported to New Zealand. Basic 4AFE, manual trans, drivetrain presently stock as stock can get but:


KYB Excel-G all around

~30% stiffer springs, custom wound(ask me for specs); ~30mm higher than stock ride height(no "lift" intended, but ground clearnace cought)

LED 'fog' lights

AE111 steering wheel

13" MRF gravel rally tires w/tubes
Pewag chains for all four wheels

Stoked to learn more about the Alltrac legend and all the other models, as well as my own. Seems like a great community here and fairly technical, which is important to me.
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Re: Proud owner of an AE95...looking for resources...

Postby Celi-GT4 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:07 am

Welcome! what are your goals with the car?
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Re: Proud owner of an AE95...looking for resources...

Postby hilslamer » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:30 am

Celi-GT4 wrote:Welcome! what are your goals with the car?

My goal is: I want a fun, reliable car that is real AWD and not so fast on the street that I can't stay out of trouble, but wicked fun on gravel roads sliding around on shingle. I want to be the first guy up to the ski fields, which all have pretty rough gravel access roads in my area.

To do this, I want consistent, early boost(~1200-1400RPM) @ 7-10psi, and as flat of a torque curve as possible up to ~6500RPM, all on 98 octane pump gas(available at most BP Connect stations in NZ).

I have gathered:

Megasquirt III ECU, harness, 4x Subaru coilpacks/missing tooth distributor, 2nd-gen 4AFE intake manifold fitted with 550cc SUbaru injectors(harness made for these), all previously fitted/tuned to a stock 4AFE by previous owner. Got them all for a song compared to new. I have a Manning Racing Products ramhorn turbo manifold that came with that package, but since I want to keep the stock radiator I might cut it and flip it up to fit the CT9(see below) up high just ahead of the valve cover and behind the stock radiator.

Also have gotten: large BOV(possibly overkill), 38mm wastgate, spare 4AFE oilpan to weld in drain for turbo, and a rebuilt CT9 turbo off of a 5AFTE I got for $60NZ. I got a bunch of 2 1/2" and 3" intake plumbing and elbows for $20 that I will make work.

These are not yet bought or paid for: possibly 4AGZE pistons if I can find a set, fresh rings whether I do or not, thick head gasket, ARP headstuds, ARP rod bolts, and an Exedy HD clutch. I'd like intercooler that I can tuck into somewhere not vulnerable(not on the chin of the front clip); have not found one for free or cheap yet.

Yes, I'm well aware the CT9 is a bit small for the 1.6L 4AFE but it will suit the early consisten boost goal splendidly and with accurate timing control, I can get all the torque I need across a wide band well before redline with this setup. I think I can, anyway.
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