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EU spec ST185 from Spain

PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:45 pm
by alex-trs
Hi everyone

It's been a while since I registered here, but had no time to write even a simple post :shrug:

My name's Alex, I'm from Spain and I would be a proud owner of an ST185 Celica after 14 or 15 years praying for it... If she worked properly LOL! :cry:

And this is my short history with her:

I first bought my Celica in April 2017 with some problems; black smoke, slow rising RPM, misfiring issues, very very low power output (slower than a Fiat Panda LOL)... The first I did was to change air filter, spark plugs and found a very well-priced AFM meter, but had no effect trying to solve this problem.

In May, something was moved, I don't know what I exactly did but... It stalled in flames, when the fire was extinguished I saw that the hose carrying fuel from filter to injector ramp had a hole... First thing I thought was I had a fuel leak and fell on something hot (exhaust pipe maybe?)

The result: Partly burnt wiring loom, clutch flexible hose and vacuum lines... and maybe some things I still didn't noticed.

I suspended the project by some month and, as part of a new year proposal, I want to restart with it. When I bought the car I had a spare loom (had luck) and now I'm replacing the burnt one by the new one.

I have some questions because I'm finding differences between the looms (by the moment, the resistor pack connector is different from the burnt loom to the "new" loom), so now I'm full of doubt, if cutting off the old loom connector and attaching to the new installation will fit... (later I'll post a picture of what I'm talking about).

I wish I could find some help since in Spain there's no much movement about this beautiful Celica model.

Later I promise to upload some pics of my car to you to see what is all about! :)

And sorry if my English isn't as polite as a native one :D if you haven't understood something please let me know!

Proud of being part of this forum!