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Postby ST162Vert » Sun Oct 10, 2021 3:29 pm

Hello everybody. Recently I have acquired an 87' Celica convertable. My father bought his first Celica new in 1977, and owned an 87 just like mine until it was crashed by a "friend" back in 1990. My goal for this perticular project is just for it to be a street car, not a track car. However I would like to convert it to AWD and that is why I am here. I'm a seasoned mechanic/welder (this is my 5th project and 18th car) and I've been in automotive forums since 2000 and have heard every gate keeping soul sucking holier than thou art negative Nancy comments one could possibly hear :P . Be aware I will ignore you, and stick to the cool level headed people I hear from in this forum. I think Celicas are one of the most underrated platforms to exist, and happy to have finally been able to pick one up. Even though its not an AllTrac I feel blessed to have found it and am hoping to find some good parts and knowledge from within this community. Thanks in advance.
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