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New member from Europe

PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 7:35 pm
by Choox
Hey, Celica lovers!

Since March I'm a happy owner of Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD Carlos Sainz Limited Edition No.2375 from 5000.

On one Sunday evening I browsed our local advertisements web page I saw this car and couldn't believe my eyes.

I immediately wrote a few messages to the seller and when I understand that car is still available I made a call and did a reservation.

Since the March car has parked at my garage and I couldn't figure out what is the best way how to use this car. Build it for racing, just fix some small visual defects and use it as a weekend car, or do a complete restoration and keep it as a garage queen.
Finally, I have decided to save this legendary car and give back its fame and brilliance. I will do a complete restoration. Fix all the damaged places, replace all the non-OEM parts with the OEM (as much as possible) to finally get a look - "as new".

I'm planning to set up an Instagram account for this project to put all the progress in there.

I'm from Europe. Country - Latvia, City - Riga.

I hope you guys would help me to find all the missing parts from this car to build it back as good as possible.

Some pictures of the car from the last weekend: