1991 JDM ST185 GT-Four All-Trac (Saskatchewan)

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1991 JDM ST185 GT-Four All-Trac (Saskatchewan)

Postby TheBrewPub » Tue May 10, 2022 8:33 pm


Bought a 1991 GT-Four Turbo RC that had been sitting for several years. Slowly getting it put back together, should be on the road this summer (2022). Located in Western Canada.

Biggest need was to get it running, which ended up being a number of issues, primarily a blown main fuse and bad wiring to the distributor.
New cap/rotor
Replaced window slide hardware, and a broken window
Replaced clutch
New brakes

It has been in a minor accident, so need to do some light body work:
- Fabricated the aluminum bumper sub assembly since you can not find them anymore
- Minor fixes to front bumper, including new grilles
- Wheels/tires
- Likely some bushing/tie rod work
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Re: 1991 JDM ST185 GT-Four All-Trac (Saskatchewan)

Postby Roreri » Wed May 11, 2022 1:28 am

Hey another fifth gen GT-Four!

Sounds like you're going at it with the right spirit. Replacing the clutch is no little thing!

The body work is a huge hassle. Keep at it!

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