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New Guy

Postby Latro21 » Mon Nov 07, 2005 3:02 am

i bought my ST185 earlier this year but hadn't registered until now due to gross procrastination.

my buddy's little brother saw the ad for this car on and when my friend brought it into work i went online and got the number and called on it. i waited for him to try and buy it since i didn't want to be a jerk and snatch it out from under him. I gave him 1 week. On Friday I told the seller to drive it out to me on Saturday and if it was as nice as he said it was, I'd buy it then and there. When he got there everything checked out, my buddy test drove it for me (i didn't drive stick so well at the time) and i bought it. :D

its only got 114k miles, had a full service done 2k miles ago, all gaskets fixed, the works. Body is mint, interior is mint, the only problem is a bad IAT. paid a measly $5,500

this is my 5th toyota, and my 2nd celica (previously had a 91 GT-S auto) so i know my stuff on these cars, I'm just getting used to this engine now.

i was a member on, and (Some of you may remember me from those sites as Drag0n)

I look forward to my stay here

oh, and i am quite proficient with the search function, so no worries
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Postby Gary » Tue Nov 08, 2005 11:18 pm

Welcome Nick. :)
Post some pics of the car.

By the way, nice choice of the car collection.
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