Megan Racing Lowering Springs - ST185

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Megan Racing Lowering Springs - ST185

Postby gt4tified » Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:02 pm

First of all, these orange tic-tac coloured springs from Megan Racing are not specific to the ST185 celicas... and given their stated spring rates (300F/250R) Megan seemed to have made a spring set for all ST18X celicas without being either too hard or too soft.

The drop is 2" front and 1.75" rear and as most of us know, on stock 14" or 15" rims, this is very low, especially with an upgraded exhaust.

On fitting them to my ST185 RC, I used a .5" rubber seat on the front so the drop would be around 1.5" instead of the full 2". This was done alongside installing new KYB GR-2 inserts in the front.

The ride quality is not bad at all but my suspension did not react with great predictability since my rear shocks were much older and worn compared to the new ones in front.

The front suspension did however for the first few months, respond pretty well to the spring/shock combination re: compression and rebound, but it soon became clear that on a 3500+lb car and with our front-to-rear weight ratio, upgraded struts/inserts are a must.

After about a year of driving with them, the front struts are almost totally dead, but have not burst thus far. I would highly recommend at the least, Koni Yellows or AGX's.

With upgraded struts and a proper ride height determined partly by rim & tire choice, these springs would be a nice, cost-efficient upgrade for any celica owner.
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