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Postby Quark » Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:54 pm

Hi guys...

I live in Denmark Europe.

Back in september I shopped at MCS motorsports. I bought parts for my Celica Carlos Sainz, I was really looking forward for upgrading it, Pistons, AEM EMS, ECT. All the nice pieces.

He promised me to ship it monday, after i paid him Thursday, that didnt happen, something where not in stock anyway. Time went by, and nothing happend, wrote him, no answer. Well time for a paypal dispute. That woke him up, I was an idiot and alot of other things. Immedialy he "shipped" out a package with a deal tracking number, paypal didnt fall for it, so I got 800 and something back from paypal, because he have cleared out his account. Still alot of money left, Shaun keeps telling me that the items where on the way, and I promised him that i will pay him those 800 and something back when they arrived. It all ended up with that he would send me the money back the 1 of december because he finally admitted that the items where lost.

First he tried to refund via paypal, didnt work. He tried again, didnt work. Then we went to bank transfer, didnt work, my Iban and swift code where wrong (which they where not). He then got a hold of my bank manager, and after that it should have worked. So here I sit on the 8 of marts and are down 2800 dollars. Shaun claims that the money has been send to me, but nothing on my account, he gives me a number for his bank, so our banks can communicate with each other. But the number is for an automated system, and not a direct line to anybody, and nobody know anybody called Yvonne.

I am asking the members of this board what to do. Personally I think he newer intende to pay me back, but keeps stalling me with small "issues".

Where is Shaun and his company located? What is the local police office? How does the system in USA works?

On top of this, there is sitting to guys in Norway waiting for parts and engines for more than a year, again Shaun has alot of stories to tell.
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Postby wound3S » Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:13 pm

I have dealt with Shaun before and have followed some feedback issues with his shop on the MR2 forums.

MCS Motorsports seems to be the same as any other small specialist shop.. they have problems from time to time. That seems to be the norm with almost every small performance automotive shop like this. I have read this same story so many times about so many small shops and vendors that seem to be totally legit that Being separated by the atlantic surely can't help the communication issue.

I would recommend looking MCS motorsports up on the or forums and reading their feedback there. They seem to be a legit shop and they do a lot more work on MR2s than on Celicas. A simple google search will turn up their location and contact information. If more time goes by and you still do not have your money, you either need to contact the authorities, or I might also suggest putting a post up on or where Shaun is a paying vendor and much more frequent poster.
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Postby klue » Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:24 pm

definately post this up on in the feedback section. They will answer real quick.
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Postby Quark » Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:27 am

Guys there is nothing wrong with the communication. Shaun is just full of s... when it comes to people on the other side of the ocean, I think he knows it hard to get to him..

There is a guy in Uk claiming that he own him money, and I got emails from 2 people in Norway saying the same, we are talking more than 15000 dollars.

If you look on, you will se that he have alot of bad feedback.

I am happy that you had great experince dealing with him, but I dosent changen the fact, that he gives a s... about me.

If he keeps you guys happy, why should he care about us on the other side of the world? Where bad for your repultation.
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Postby ST185pinjo » Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:28 pm

Sorry to hear this Quark25.

I have dealt with Shaun myself. I ordered some pumps/ seals etc($500 worth) from him, and got it. I live in The Netherlands. Although they are not the fastest shop concerning shipping I still got my goods.

Thanks for posting this, I was thinking of buying a engine there.
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Postby sleeper » Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:21 am

I know 3 ppl that have ordered engines from him ( all 3 live in norway)
the first one that ordered it got it 10-11 months after he had ordered it and sent payment.
The other 2 STILL have not got the engine ( this is over 1.5 years since they transfeered money!!!!!!)

So if you are planing on getting a new engine from him, you must not need the car the next 2 years... cause you proberly will not have a engine in 1-2 years!!)

I have orderd parts from him 2 times to, and what happens is that he reponds to all your e-mails fast untill you actually send him the money.. then you will not hear from him before you have sent 5-6 e-mails..

So when dealing with him: you`l proberly will get your parts, but it can take from 6 moneths to 2 years before he shipps them :cry:
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