Controversial ALLBLACKALLTRAC has up'd his good sale count

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Controversial ALLBLACKALLTRAC has up'd his good sale count

Postby Redrkt01 » Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:04 pm

In January I sent money to Danny for some extra leathers. He gave me a good deal on all the leather bits from a 4th Gen. I received the first box about three weeks after payment. I received the second box about five weeks after that (2 weeks ago).....right when his shit hit the fan; Dunno if that's suggestive of anything. Hard to tell.

I don't know who is guilty of what. What I can tell you is that with the exception of the seat backs w/cargo nets (which were allegedly destroyed during removal) I received everything.......eventually. +1 for ALLBLACKALLTRAC.
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Postby allblackalltrac » Wed Apr 29, 2009 6:04 pm

No worries Kevin, I apologize for the seat backs but if I ever come across a pair in really good condition I'll send them your way.

Shipping was delayed yes but it should be expected for large bulky boxes traveling across international borders and exchanging hands through different postal companies....
In the past 8 years of being a member of this board (when it was still just a yahoo group) I have sold hundreds of Celica parts benefiting the community and in that time I can count on one hand the number of packages that went missing.

As for me ripping anyone off I challenge anyone that can PROVE I have done so. Because I keep all my receipts and I can disprove any faulty claim against me.
If you received a part you payed for abit delayed that does not qualify as being ripped off your just being spiteful.
If an item you payed for you never received you did eventually get a full refund, paypal claims do not qualify as being ripped off either, I have never had a claim against me turn in my favor as a matter of fact I usually resolve it myself without having paypal to investigate the case.
For every bad transaction you can show me I'll show you 20 good ones!

Kevin that last paragraph is not directed to you personally but towards the board members in general. Im sure I can go back in my records and find something else either you or I have purchased from in the past that went without a hitch.
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