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Porterfield R4S

Postby TimmyD » Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:42 pm

I've had these pads on all four corners now for almost a year. I've run them in all weather conditions (snow included) and many abusive situations like a very fast airport AutoX, rallyX, and some lapping.

Life: Even with constant use I still have lots of pad left. They are starting to wear and are 25-50% remaining but it means I shouldn't need to buy anything else until fall or winter to install for next spring.

Dust: Other than a recent solo sprint (time attack) I haven't been bothered by the dust. It is there but not anywhere close to needing to wipe down the wheels every day. My wheels are white and I'm still not bothered by the dust

Noise: When the pads/rotors are wet and very cold you'll hear them for the first couple brakes. On a warm day you won't hear them and would never know they weren't stock.

Performance: I get lots of grip. With or without race tires I can lock up the brakes enough to get the ABS going. Since they have a very quick warm up compared to what I've seen full race pads do you have a very short time to wait for them to be full grip.

The bad sort of: They are not a full race pad. While I have pushed them very hard I think the stock RC braking system must be very good. I've managed to get them nice and hot a couple times that I smoked them which caused some glazing and noise but we're talking 100+ kph to 0 after a lap of a road course race track in as short a distance as possible. I was also able to finally get the pads to fade after a few laps (of a 4km race track...). Once they cooled they were fine again and I drove many many kilometers then with no issue. Hard use on a track did leave my wheels covered in brake dust. But to cause the fade and dust took some serious braking.

Conclusion: Every day multi use pad these work great. No need to swap in a track only pad until you are pushing very hard. You can run these all day every day. I like them!
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Postby CMS-GT4 » Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:50 pm

Great review. I have had these pads on my car for years and like them. For the longest time they were some of the best pads you could get for the 185 w/o having to special order something from Japan. Now hawk makes something to consider upgrading to.
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