Missing link to k.beaty

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Missing link to k.beaty

Postby gerby77 » Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:08 am

Hey my fellow board-members.

I'm having a problem. I don't know where k.beaty is, or where i can reach him.

I first will explain a bit:
I did business with him on celispeed, but he is here on alltrac.net too, as i can remember.

on the 9th of march 2009 i paid k.beaty 25 CAD for some red rear corners, i got those.
Then on the 27th of march 2009 i paid him 100 CAD for a shortshift and a shiftknob.

My last communication with k.beaty was on the 13th of may 2009

i qoute:


I checked with the Post Office and they had the short shifter in the Pick Up bin!!!


I was so pissed! I told the lady there that it needs to get to the Netherlands URGENTLY! so she upgraded it to express shipping for no charge!

I'm very sorry for the delay but your short shifter should be there by the end of next week at the latest!

Sorry again,

And until now i still haven't got a thing. I don't have a trackingnumber, nor a reply of kyle.
I can't drive to him, because i don't live i Canada ;-) Nor in the States.
I can't block the payment at paypal, because it is to long ago.

What can i do, i'm disappointed, i would like to get the stuff, but on the other hand it where 100 CAD...
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Postby 90blacktrac » Thu Jul 23, 2009 6:19 pm

found him you have p.m. at celicatech
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