I growl at Hotrodhendrix

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I growl at Hotrodhendrix

Postby FWD-3SGTE » Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:20 am

I can't give 100% negative feedback since I did actually get the Tom's wheels I purchased from him. BUT, the only true thing he told me about the wheels was that they were infact made by Tom's Racing.

First, he posted them as 16x8 when infact they were 15x7. How the do you mess that bit of information up ESPECIALLY when the size is RIGHT ON THE TIRE?? He said they looked like the same size as his old OZ's.... :roll:

Second, I asked about the condition of the wheels and he told me that the only cosmetic blemishes was the horribler powder coat on all of them which was what I was ready for but not the TREMEMDOUS amount of curb rash on two of the wheels (one being much worse than the other).

So, in conclusion, please PLEASE ask for pictueres of every angle of every part you decide to buy from him and stick to paypal for personal insurrance and assurance.

Chris _ FWD-3SGTE
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