Im back!

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Im back!

Postby CAMRYGT4 » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:22 am

So I haven't posted on here in a while, I had a few set backs with my car.
Winter 2007/2008 I was doing 150mph all the way home from my friends shop, I got of the freeway and noticed that my car felt slower and had a lopey idle. When I got home I did a compression check 170/90/170/170, I had broken a ring land so I was pretty upset. The next day I woke up went outside and saw that some one had completely smashed the right rear corner of the car, I was so angry I gave up on the car. I tried to sell it but couldn't get what I wanted for it the way it was.

I ended up meeting an auto body guy through my friend with the shop and was able to get the body damage fixed for a reasonable price. With the car strait again I felt like fixing the rest of the car and doing a few upgrades. I started withe the engine, all forged internals Maule pistons .020 over 9to1 compression, shot peened stock rods,ARP fasteners , MLS head gasket, the block was fully prepped from individually matched cylinder bores to the ultra smooth deck for the the MLS head gasket, lightened race fly wheel, fully balanced rotating assembly,flow tested and balanced injectors, ACL race barrings. I'm also upgrading the inter cooler to a front mount, adding a boost gauge and wide band AFR gauge, plus a lot of maintenance items including but not limited to a new transmission.
The motor gos back in the car this Thursday and the next week the car goes in for paint. Once my wallet recovers from this im going to throw on some Megen coil overs the st185 set will fit the Camry alltrac with very little modification. Ill post new pics soon hope to see some of you at PIR this summer.
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