Suspension/Wheel Fitment Advice for 89 Camry Alltrac

Camry All Trac, Previa All Trac

Suspension/Wheel Fitment Advice for 89 Camry Alltrac

Postby altracam » Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:09 pm

Before the "Search" Police Flames on me, I did try searching for "Camry Wheel fitment" and other key words and most resulted with threads with wheels on it or other subject not related to the subject I'm looking for.

Anyway, I need advice on wheel fitment and lowering springs. I'm not going to autocross nor drift My Camry Alltrac. I'm trying to improve the aesthetics of this blah looking car by lowering with some nice "affordable" rims. I'm not going for VIP (aka Very Ixpensive Project... quote from someone I know) look either.

Thanks in advice for any advice(s)
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Postby phattyduck » Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:15 pm

Springs don't cross over from the FWD Camry (which you probably already know).

Lowering springs may crossover from the Celica Alltrac, but no guarantees there. The best way is probably to get Ksport or Megan coilovers for the ST185. They fit with very minor modifications (front brake line brakets are different and the front top hats are slightly rotated and a different size. both easy fixes with a zip ties and a dremel)

As for wheels... the same stuff as a normal Camry fits. Go for 35-40 offset, max 7.5" wide with a 205 or 215 width tire. A spacer in the back will help to fill out the wheel well, but you may have to roll the fenders, depending on how agressive you want to go.

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