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Camry All Trac, Previa All Trac
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Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:30 pm

flyingdutchman wrote:Dropped the motor today after some shenanigans. Does anybody know how to fix a broken captive nut on a swaybar to body mount? The nut is inside a frame pocket with no access.
Are you talking about the front swaybar mounts? If so, you can just get a new (errr... used) one at the junkyard. If it is the back side (the control arm mount points), you will have to cut in there, repair and then weld it back up.

Keep up the good work. You'll love driving past all the stuck and spinning SUVs in your old Camry. :D


edit: PS. I checked the tires on my white Alltrac - 205/70-14, but they do rub on the inner fenders (both above the tire and at full lock). So stay smaller than that. :)
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Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:50 am

I'm talking about the c-clip swaybar to frame mounts. They bolt to a little panel which attaches to the body. I'll keep yall posted. I'm tempted to cut them open, fix it, and weld them back together; but they are a little rusty.

Thats exactly why I got it! I've got a job as a snowboard instructor (whenever they actually get enough snow :cry: ) and couldn't find any cheapish Subarus. Thanks for the headsup on the tires. Mines got 185/70s :D so I think I'll be ok for now!

Heads up though! I'm probably going to need some vacuum diagram shots or info. I've got a few hoses I'm still trying to figure out. I've got one splitting off a tee (on the base of the T) from the intake manifold, passenger side. Its pretty long, I'm thinking maybe it goes to the cruise control canister? Also have a large-ish, maybe 10mm ID, hose coming up from near the transfer case/transmission seal. And there is a green connecter with a vacuum fitting just in the very back driver corner of the engine bay. I'll get some photos if I can't figure it all out tomorrow!

Also, just a few FYIs for future people, maybe it'll help.
1. The M/T will slip off the engine & transfer case without separating the engine & transfer case.
2. The transfer case mounts in a way that blocks access to the intake manifold support & a CV boot shield, so make sure to attach those first.
3. There is no way you're going to separate the engine & transmission in the engine bay. The input shaft to the transfer case is like a foot and a half long.

Anyway, almost there! Hope to be on the road tomorrow.
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Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:50 pm

The "correct" way is to keep the transmission in one piece and remove it from the engine. It requires a little sequence to get it off there (pull back 1", rotate transfer case side 'up', pull off another 1" or so, then when the input shaft is free, rotate the trans so the transfer case misses the block - fun, eh?). Then you have the fun of doing that all in reverse to get the engine and trans back together.

I have a manual trans Alltrac sitting in the garage, so let me know if you need any pictures. It has a bunch of extra vacuum lines on it that no other Camry has...


Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:37 pm

That sounds absolutely terrible. If I ever have to do it again I'm going to try the 'missile silo' thing I've seen some posts about. Support the engine on its face with the t-case attached, then lower the transmission onto it.

-Anyway, I could use some photos/info of the rearmost (closest to the driver) & middle (the one that is offset to the driver side) coolant lines leaving the bottom of the TB and where they go to.
-And then the 1st vacuum line inwards from the passenger side on the back intake manifold (its a short one) where does that go? I looked around in the area but can't find anything.
-I also noticed what looks like a vacuum port at the end of the front shift linkage, but I don't have any lines near there to hook it up. I've attached a photo of this, kinda hard to get a feel for where it is though. The two booted objects are the shift cables.
-Finally, on the big canister on the t-case, there are 3 vacuum ports. Do two of the lines cross over each other?

I should have actually used tape that was sticky, and labeled more things. Help would be appreciated! :notworthy: The vacuum diagram doesn't show any of these as far as I can tell, and neither does the toyota EPC.

Progress report is: assembly is mounted in the car, passenger side is all finished up minus the wiring harness through the firewall & the one vacuum line. Still have: clutch slave, airbox, passenger side axle(they sent me the wrong one), and some wiring & hoses. Almost there!

Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:17 am

I've never seen a Vac line going to the shift cable linkage ... Correct me anyone if I'm wrong but I think that's just a moisture drain ...

Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:09 pm

Seemed strange to me too but I figured I'd double check. It points upwards-ish so maybe its just there to allow pressure to escape?

EDIT: Thinking the passenger side line goes to the fuel pressure regulator. Will report back Monday. Hopefully all goes well, car has to be out of the shop by xmas...

Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:09 pm

Everything but the transfer case vacuum lines matches up with a FWD car, so searching google might help.

The transmission shifter area - that's just a vent. It should be pointing sideways or down to keep water/crud out of there.

Throttle body coolant lines - they should go down then forward (order doesn't matter on that one). There is also a vacuum line in that area that goes to the power steering pressure idle-up valve (really, to a metal pipe, then over to the idle-up valve) - don't mix them up.

Some helpful images:



I'll try to get out to the garage tonight and get pictures of the transfer case vacuum lines. I don't think you'll find those diagrams anywhere else.


Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Tue Dec 24, 2013 1:42 am

Charlie, thats exactly right. Don't worry about the photos, I got it all together today. But of course the fuel pump is bad & the hard line is rusted nicely..
Its soaking overnight, hopefully we get to hear it run tomorrow!

Thanks for all the help so far, and have a nice holiday!

Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:16 pm

Ha! I went out there anyway. Its pretty hard to get any pictures of the center diff control vacuum system.

So, the first vacuum line in from the passenger side is to the FPR, The second one is T'd to the diff control system and the cruise control actuator.

The two VSV's on the firewall for the diff seem to work in parallel, from what I can tell. Did you take any pictures of the back of the motor? I'm assuming there is some sort of vacuum accumulator and a couple actuators... I can't see back there past the intake manifold and all the other stuff in the way.

Once you get it back on the road, check the locking operation and go from there. :)


Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:52 pm

It moves! Shakedown drive and the rest of the DMV stuff today. Diff Lock does not engage as far as I can tell, also the heater is stuck on hot (blows hot even when cold), and I need a wheel bearing or two.

But other than that its awesome! Doesn't rev too nicely down low but once you get up there it really starts to take off! Loving the car already! Also put my janky ski racks on top, now it just needs to snow!

Photos coming soon!

Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:36 pm

The engine should have good (for what it is) torque from about 2k to 4k. Power dies off at the top.

If the car is an LE, then the heater issue is probably something with the control panel (bad solder joints). The previous owner may have disconnected the heater valve in the engine bay and left it full open due to the problem previously (it normally give no heat when there is a problem).


Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:16 am

Yeah its an LE. Thanks for heads up on the control panel, would have never found that! Also seems like the lowest two blower fan speeds don't work. I'll bust out the soldering iron sometime.

Checked the diff lock engagement today, the rod moves, but the light on the dash doesn't come on. I assume its just a 'dumb' light? No computer control on the system or anything?

'up there' meaning 3k plus ;) you're right though.

Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:34 pm

There's a good thread on Toyotanation in the gen1/2 Camry section on the heater controls. The lower fan speeds can be fixed by getting a new blower motor resistor. Make sure you get the one for the "LE" model, it has a different plug (6-pin sized with 4 pins loaded) than the base/DX model.

Diff lock light for the manual trans does look to be a dummy light from the diagrams, but I remember vaguely that the light turns on slowly when it is engaged (not sure how, nothing like that in the diagrams). The wiring harness it out of my factory manual trans alltrac, so I can't check.


Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:26 am

Before the bulb in mine burnt out, it lit up immediately upon activation of the diff lock.

Re: 88 Camry All-Trac. Motor Swap Qs/Progress

Wed Jan 08, 2014 5:29 am

Thanks! I'll check it out. My dash is all messed up so I'm going to wait until I replace that. The button is obvious enough when its on/off.

Turns out the solder joints inside the dash for the heater control were cracked. Different ones than the joints listed on ToyotaNation. One of the P/Os had jumped the connecter with a hairclip to keep it on full hot. Sounds like a resourceful girl ahaha. Anyway, fixed it all up, works OK but not perfect. I guess I'm heading to the junkyard. Anything fancy to look out for (other than the digital dash)?
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