does double clutch extend clutch's life?

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does double clutching extend clutch life.

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Postby grip addict » Tue Aug 15, 2006 7:04 am

no, you guys described the same thing, just differently. that is the double clutch method in all its glory.
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i need to warn everyone-
ATSAaron wrote:You specifically told Matt that "some kid dumped sand into my motor."

don't let some kid dump sand into your motor.
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Postby toayoztan » Tue Aug 15, 2006 8:17 am

toayoztan wrote:Haha, dry shifting...similar to power shifting. Power shifting (to my knowledge) is holding down the gas, and slamming it to the next gear up..

In any case, rev matching is also good because not only are you jerking you and the passengers, but you're putting more "shock" to ball joints, cv joints, etc. Rev matching helps reduce the shock to these areas.


Hey, i haven't been keeping up with this thread, so i just read all the posts after my reply to this thread. I wanted to edit and clear my comment up. I did mean to say that power shifting was holding down the gas, and slamming it to the next gear up while stabbing the clutch. A lot of honda people do it around here. Maybe that's why some consider it a ricer trick :shrug:

I honestly can admit i can't stab fast enough. Though since i can't afford trannys and clutches, I really don't like to practice to get better right now heh. I just learn to shift as fast as possible...then again, i dont' race much until my car is faster :D

Sorry for any confusion, but I agree, powershifting is stabbing clutch. Dry is no clutch. I haven't actually heard anyone around here dry clutching.

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Postby Simba » Tue Aug 15, 2006 2:11 pm

StranD wrote:Hey, I have a totally different idea of what double clutching is compared to Simba's description on the last page...

No, you've got it right, you've just got clutch engagement backwards. Pressing the pedal down does not engage the clutch. It disengages it from the flywheel.

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