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PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 10:57 pm
by GT4RC
yeah, i've seen those pics posted by you previously, and shit dude, That is exactly how i'd like a yota truck to appear. i'm jealous.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:15 pm
by maxaud
yeah... straight axle would've been nice though.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 3:33 am
by Dano
GT4RC, if you are looking for a very good Toyota mechanic in Kamloops, then go see Tony at Alltoy. His shop is located on the Mount Paul Indian Reserve. I'm not sure of the street name but I think it is 3 streets past the Red Bridge.

I'm sure he would love to see your car.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 12:39 am
by GT4RC
yeah I had alltoy in mind if i ever needed to have anything done as far as diffrentials go. is he into car stuff too?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 1:24 am
by Highway
park it when it is ugly, drive it when its nice, move to a warmer climate. :D

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 1:26 am
by GT4RC
you'd be disappointed with me at the moment, the car is quite dirty. its been wet out, but i can't get behind the wheel of the gts anymore! it's just not the same!

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 1:55 am
by Highway
Lets be honest, keeping it nice will make it last longer.

I'm sorry to say I'm the first to take my 67 stingray out in the rain cause I like to get loose.

think Steve McQueen in Bullitt...

or I drive my 71 roadrunner like the original "Gone in 60 seconds"...

enjoy your car, if that means driving it, drive it.... if enjoyment to you is waxing it and keeping it pretty, so be it.

I enjoy the drive, I'm always breaking something....

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:22 am
by GT4RC
yeah, i go through a set of front wheel bearings on the gts every 15,000kms easy. it needs new suspension, new motor mounts, new lots of things, and i just dont wanna do that to this car.....

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:23 am
by GT4RC
not to mention a set of z rated tires that i bought in may and had to the belts by september with 3 tire rotations....

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 8:48 am
by coyoteboy
These cars are MADE for winter :) Mines currently off-road and its killing me!

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 2:24 am
by Dano
Tony at Alltoy works on all Toyotas and knows which wreckers have the Celicas, Tacomas, Corollas etc. But he does specialize is Toyota trucks.