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Postby » Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:07 am

Here is a list of general rules that we should live by. If you have a suggestion for a rule, feel free to send a PM.

- This is a clean forum. Nudity of any type or even "soft" pics are not allowed. The only exception is if it was All Trac related. In which case, any posts that are not work safe should have [NWS] in the title. This lets those people at work know that there is something that shouldn't be viewed at work.

- Personal attacks are not allowed. If you have a problem with someone, contact them directly. If you have feedback about a transaction, there is a forum for that. If you generally "don't like" someone, then we suggest that you simply not deal with that person or ignore their posts. Any problems that get out of hand, please contact a moderator or admin

- Vendor or business type posting is not allowed. Any person that is here strictly to make money is not welcome unless they sign up as a Vendor. By signing up as a Vendor, you are telling the All Trac community that you are here to support them. The price is very low, contact the admin for details.

- This is an All Trac forum. Posts regarding FWD and non turbo Celicas are restricted to the FWD/Non Turbo section. Any posts elsewhere will be moved by a moderator.

- Please keep posts on topic. For example, if someone posts a topic about struts, it is not a good idea to talk in the thread about how someone's day was or your oil leak. You can make a new thread for that particular topic.

- For signature rules please read this:

More will be added soon..
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