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Re: What to expect to pay for a clean, stock 1993?

Thu Jun 05, 2014 5:05 pm

It's off a face lifted 7th gen
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Re: What to expect to pay for a clean, stock 1993?

Thu Jun 05, 2014 5:31 pm

r-town wrote:Not so clean this guy wants $13k for his:


but hey, it has lambo doors hehe

Oh jeez somebody save it! I should count up the money it would cost to remove all the terrible mods he's done and subtract from his asking price and offer him that.

Re: What to expect to pay for a clean, stock 1993?

Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:33 am

msanders2 wrote:
Mr Alltrac wrote:You are correct, 81 were sold in the us in 1993.

I have my own needle in a haystack and that's finding a metallic teal all trac :)

I know where ones at! I've tried to buy it before. Unfortunately the owner is in jail and it's sitting, wasting away.

You must live in Georgia (say 40 minutes North of Atlanta). I know of the same car too. :D

Re: What to expect to pay for a clean, stock 1993?

Fri Jun 06, 2014 3:12 am

Mr Alltrac wrote:93 is a more sought after year, but a clean car with 100k on the chassis I wouldn't be surprised if that guy could get 7500-9k for that car. Depends on the enthusiast that's going after it tho.

That's what it boils down to. What someone is willing to pay for it. To me, I really don't care whether it's a 90 or 93. I'd take a clean low mileage 90 over a higher mileage 93. The year means little to me. It will be lightly modded (or a resto mod) anyways. These cars have always been and will always be appreciated by a small group of enthusiasts anyways. I'm not going to lose my mind over a year (or 2) difference. That being said, just being able to find a clean All Trac is not easy. They're not going to be collector cars, they'll just appreciated by the same small group of enthusiasts (that like them now), or their off-springs (I even doubt that).

Owning and restoring these cars is an unparalleled labor of love. I would focus more on finding a clean ST185 of any year versus a 93, just because it's a 93 (unless that 93 is in mint condition). The changes are minimal at best. (Horsepower didn't even go up. Aside from a few cosmetic changes, there isn't much difference). Any noticeable difference will be outdone by modern, available after market parts or JDM ST185 parts. I'm just happy to own a few All Tracs.

Re: What to expect to pay for a clean, stock 1993?

Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:55 am

I definently agree, I would love to find a low mileage well taken care of 90 all trac, as apposed to a decet 93, which aesthetically you will change tail lights and a few other changes where you wouldn't be able to identify the year unless you knew the car.

Re: What to expect to pay for a clean, stock 1993?

Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:08 pm

Now, almost 4 years after my initial post, I am revisiting the idea of purchasing this same 93 that now has had a couple of the minor issues addressed. What do you guys think is market price in today's market?

1993 - White - fully loaded with leather, System 10, etc.
185k miles on chassis,
70k on rebuilt engine, turbo, trans.
Rust free and very clean inside and out.
Completely stock besides a 50 trim compressor and a JDM trans (I don't know of any difference with the JDM trans)
Only issue is a quarter panel that needs to be repaired due to getting bumped into the garage.($850 repair per estimate)
Used OEM parts on everything, including a recently replaced OEM B-pipe.
It has a new set of Koni's on it which is the only non OEM part that I am aware other than the 50 trim compressor.

I have not yet seen it in person, but from the pictures I've seen, you'd never know the chassis had 185k on it. It's a two owner car and spent the first 11 years of it's life in Texas and has been garage kept it's entire life.

Thoughts on value/price?

Re: What to expect to pay for a clean, stock 1993?

Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:09 am

I have just restored a 91 super white celica all trac. I will tell you that It is a labor of love(still not done yet).
It is fully loaded except for airbag. It has leather seats(driver is rip) and custom exhaust(OEM replacement).
Car sat in a farm for 4 years before owner decides to sell it and I am the 3rd owner. Blew a head gasket and sat under
a roof most of the time until now.
If you are looking for a stock car that has no millage like 50KM and garage kept for the last 25 years is like looking for the holy grail.
Most will need some work depends on condition. Restoring one to get it working is already a miracle. The non oem replacement parts like Koni, JDM tranny is a non issue because Toyota didn't expect them to last this long so OEM parts is usually discontinued.
Most important thing is that it has no rust or if it has rust(surface rust), make sure it is taken care of. Not just rust outside and underneath but also the interior carpet, side panels need to be taken out and check for rust. There are tubes that run from the sunroof through the side panels down to the bottom for water release. That is where the rotting begins and these are 25+ year old car now.

Since I lived in Canada, everytime I tell people(dealer included) I own a Celica alltrac, first thing they say is oh, its a jdm rhd car?
then I would grin and say No, its a Canadian model. That tells me I own probably one of the most rare Toyota model out there.
So I think that the asking price is entirely up to the owner(within reason). If the car is in better shape after it is sold and 5 years later, you can probably ask for even more.
Cheers 8)

Re: What to expect to pay for a clean, stock 1993?

Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:12 am

There was a almost showroom condition 93 that sold on here a little over 10 years ago for around $13-15k if that gives you a better idea. I think the guy that bought it lives local to me as well. He owns a 90 or 91 also, unless he sold it after picking up the 93. My brother said he saw him about a month or two ago, so he definitely is still in town with his all tracs.
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