Best parts for a gen 2 refresh?

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Best parts for a gen 2 refresh?

Postby underscore » Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:17 pm

Hey guys, right now my engine is torn down to a shortblock and the shop is thinking while it's out I should do the internals as well since it has 180k on it and even though it has perfect compression it was a bit abused before I bought it. Only power adders will be gen 3 cams, intake, 3" exhaust, boost upped to 15-16psi. I need suggestions for everything:

Pistons: Stock? or forged? I don't mind paying for aftermarket pistons but I don't think I need them for my power levels
Rings: ???
Rods: Stock
Bearings: ???
Headgasket: I believe the OEM gen 3 one is metal and will work?
Valves: I'm thinking of staying stock as I don't want them to touch the seats (RC's are laser cut)
Valve springs: ???
Valve retainers: ???
Hardware: ARP for the head and rods
***Should I convert to shimless buckets or are flying shims a rare thing?***

Anything else I'm missing? Am I being stupid opening up a currently perfectly good engine?

As a side note I know what the answer to this probably is, but how would the factory ECU handle a 2.2L stroker? I'm guessing not well but I'm curious since I have everything apart anyways.
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