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'91 Should I keep it or sell it?

Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:31 am

I have had my '91 Alltrac for 22 years. its pretty clean 150Kms, no real rust anywhere. It was my hobby car but I fell away from using it for quite a few years when the kids were young. Then on the last run I took the kids on it blew one of the brake lines. It sat that way for a few years. Aside from starting and moving in and out of the garage it hasn't been used in about 7 years.
Brakes are fixed now and surprisingly it is running great. Only thing not working is the A/C. Now here is my dilemma. I had planned to sell it once the brakes were done, but I have caught the fever again. Its a beautiful car that is extremely rare. My concern is its now 29 years old. If I keep it and run it how bad is parts support? Is it a challenge to keep these cars going? From what I can see Ebay seems to be the only choice for a timing belt kit. What about when I need brake parts and wheels bearing and whatever else?
Help me please. I have the fever, not sure what I should do about it!
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Re: '91 Should I keep it or sell it?

Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:42 am

Definitely keep it! If you can handle it being down for 7 years then waiting a couple weeks for the odd part will be fine. Check out RockAuto.com, they have a lot of parts for these cars and Toyota still has a lot of OEM bits available too.

Re: '91 Should I keep it or sell it?

Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:58 am

I'm not going to advise you regarding keeping or selling - that's a personal judgment thing. But as Underscore said, there still are avenues out there for general maintenance items (like brakes, gaskets, belts, etc.) for these cars, and RockAuto is a good source. There are still some parts available through Toyota - go through a dealer selling wholesale, not retail, to get those parts. Sometimes, places in Japan or Europe will have some things not found anymore in the US because there were more of these available there than in the US - prices are still reasonable, but shipping can get high.

Re: '91 Should I keep it or sell it?

Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:32 am

Thanks. Not a good time to sell it anyway, so I will see how it goes through the summer. Im enjoying now at the very least.
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