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Re: Stockalltracs?

Postby acylon » Wed Aug 17, 2005 12:41 am

Kess wrote:So I'm curious, how many ppl own fully stock alltracs still?? Rims, and sound systems don't count. how many have lite mods and who has modded their car beyond recognition? I'm one of those Totally stock it hurts ppl. I only have a cd player. I look at it as unmolded clay.

Someone has to keep a stock one for the museum... :lol:

I have two full moddified AT's
One is a rally car the other is street with lots of mods...sus, eng, int... :D
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James Unger
'88 ST175 Rally Car (ENZO)
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Stock for Museum(s)

Postby GMan » Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:59 pm

> acylon
> Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 12:41 am
> Someone has to keep a stock one for the museum...

The Toyota Auto Museum has a Fully Stock White St185.

I think they need an ST165 though, if anyone wants
to donate their car ? :-) Maybe one that needs a bit
of work for a tax write off ? Or else maybe sell it
as a project to be restored for Posterity?

Not stock ? :-)

> One is a rally car the other is street with lots of mods...

Did you ever drive by the Toyota Truck ?
Toyota had a plaque that said the ST185 was the "1st" alltrac. (Due to researchers)
Good to show them the Real 1st one.

Maybe they could pick up a Carlos Sainz driven ST165
They do turn up for Big bucks sometime. :-)
The history of Toyota's Involvment should be

> Very Happy

Quite down the exhaust yet ?

Look what they have in Japan for Race cars.
Certainly Not stock. :-)

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Postby alltracman78 » Thu Aug 18, 2005 2:49 am

Holy crap, is that a stock 90/91 shifter?!!!
No wonder everyone says it's a truck shifter.

It's a lhd, too. :D
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Postby INFERNO4W » Mon Sep 12, 2005 12:27 am

st185 is mainly stock. i havent touched the engine. i will very soon while i fix the headgasket! :cry: all i have are tainted windows, alpine stereo with a kicker amp and 12" woofer,
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Postby C-dubb » Mon Sep 12, 2005 1:21 am

mmmm not stock...fully built internals from top to bottom...and i just got the wolfkatz fuel rail with the 800cc injectors installed ...LOOKS HOTT, if you look way down there behind the engine, haha, working on this damn Megasquirt wiring...turned over but still no fuel head hurts.
Cory Wilson 1990 st185
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stock all-tracs

Postby all-trac's plus » Wed Sep 14, 2005 3:26 pm

My '88' is getting closer to stock (& better) by the day as I am undoing what someone else did before me. This is where I am at:

* Replaced Enkei wheels & Toyo tires with originals.
* Set FMS @ "0" as this is easier than removing it.
* No sound system (need to do something)
* Relocated battery to trunk. Necessity & great!
* Relocated oil filter to old battery location. Necessity & great!
* Has new HKS exhaust system (new). Have original (almost new).
* Has K&N air filter. Will leave as is.
* From the outside, you can't tell if from an original.

Note: I'm a little old to be worrying about additional performance. I just want to make it as reliable as I can and have some fun. Fun is not street-racing, but others not knowing what you have.

It's Southern CA car that I put a lot of work into, but it's close to perfect. It's been fun & $$$.
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all-trac's plus
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Postby White Tiger » Thu Sep 29, 2005 2:15 am

My car is almost stock i have a k&n air filter, a turbo timer, and a spec stage three clutch (kicks some serios A$$) :shoots:
Proud owner of a 1992 alltrac
Named the car White Tiger
Just like one because its white, rare and fast
White Tiger
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Postby BoostedBlueToyotas » Thu Sep 29, 2005 11:31 pm

I need a "lots of mods" when I get it running category. I have wanted to
do this for a long time so you guys asked for it ....

HKS camshafts
HKS valve springs
Did have HKS cam gears but I put them on my MR2 turbo
Had a wolfkatz fuel rail with RC balanced stock fuel injectors but I put it on my MR2 turbo

Did have <10K CT20b turbo but I put it on my MR2 turbo
Did have Aussie DP but I put it on my MR2 turbo
SO it will have a turbo kit, a SB46 is calling to me at the moment

RMR intake manifold
ST185CS WTA (TTE core), factory pump, HE ...

TWM short shifter
Clutchmasters Stage III kevlar clutch
SS brake lines (Group Purchase)
GAB 5 way adjustable struts (all 4 corners)
Whiteline springs
Whiteline bushings (entire set)
Whiteline rear swaybar
Battery located to rear
Apexi intake
Straight intake pipe
Aussie MP, hi flow cat, HPC coated
HKS Hiper Exhaust (new in box)

HPC coated parts ...
Every bolt in the engine bay (I do mean every single one), the entire
suspension (A-arms, trailing arms, crossmembers and all the bolts),
driveshafts, every bracket in the engine bay, stock intake man (not using)
EGR pipe, oil pan, turbo oil and water pipes, water outlets, rear diff cover,
valve cover, turbo heat shield, rear crossmembers, ugh I quit ....

New parts:
On motor: water pump, oil pump, all the sensors on water inlet, head
redone (new valves, seals), new shortblock, all seals (rear, oil cooler....)
all new hoses (including vacuum)

radiatior, tranny cooler hoses, A/C hoses, power steering hoses, new
PS pump, new steering rack, new front hubs/wheel bearings/hubs/ABS
sensors, new driveshaft U joints, new carrier bearings, new Torsen
limited slip differential, new gas tank, all new bushings on rear subframe,
new fuel line

If my house burns down with all my parts in it (and my alltrac shell and
my just completed running MR2 turbo) I will be jumping off a cliff

So do I win a prize :twisted:
Tim Plessing
Columbia, MD

1990 ST185 - blue/blue cloth 152K-SOLD
1993 MR2 turbo - blue/black leather 59K TOTALLED/PARTING OUT
2006 Acura TSX - black/black 6 spd
2006 Mini Cooper S JCW Space blue/Silver roof 39k
2006 Mini Cooper JCW Silver/black roof 34k
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