Clutch Cylider Diagnosis Question

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Clutch Cylider Diagnosis Question

Postby Balagast » Tue Apr 26, 2011 3:56 pm

After a long time stored away, I am finally done with school and back in PA, my all trac is back out and I'm looking to start getting her back into shape. I took it out for a quick drive yesterday and noticed that the car is grinding when shifting gears, unless I very gingerly put it into gear or double clutch and rev match it perfectly. This would normally lead me to believe that it is a sycro issue, but it is doing it in every gear; though it is less significant in higher gears. I have have read that the second gear syncro has a tendency to wear in the 1990 trans, but I'm thinking it is more likely a clutch cylinder issue.

I bled both out (master and slave) and flushed the old fluid, but the problem is still present. This leads me to believe that one of them are on their way out. Is there a good way to test which one could be the culprit? I'd like to avoid replacing things that I don't need to, because there are plenty of things to be done on the car so spending unnecessarily would be nice.

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