any info on making 90 all-trac rwd

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Re: any info on making 90 all-trac rwd

Postby celicast184 » Tue May 22, 2012 4:36 pm

ive been looking into this too. a new front subframe would need to fabricated to hold engine in transverse mounted. the front spindles will most likely be used from sw20 mr2 to accomidate the steering rack being relocated from the firewall to front subframe. front sway bar would need to be redone to clear the transmission in the trans tunnel. trans tunnel needs to be enlarged to fit the trans and a transmission mount bracket needs to be fabbed up. the firewall will need to banged back a little to clear the distributor and wires. if your going to use your 3sgte, you need to find oil pickup tube and oil pan from an australia celica. rwd celica in australia is 2se powered, which will bolt to your existing 3sgte to have it mount standing up and not at the slant that all S series engine has. the 2se bell housing can be used on W series transmissions, so by getting the bell housing you can bolt it to a W58 trans found in mk3/mk4/na supras or is300/sc300. also, the 3sgte will need to undergo some customizing too. the the inlet of the turbo is now facing the firewall so the turbo needs to be turned around and a new downpipe fabbed up. the exhaust manifold will probably need work too, to have it mount the turbo further up towards the front of the car so it will clear the starter as the starter is on the exhaust side of the engine. the water neck from the 2se would need to be swapped over too, because the stock one would jam into the firewall. all accessory brackets (powersteering/ac comp/altenator/tensioner) needs to be swapped from 2se. just like any another swap, new custom engine mounts/ brackets needs to be fabricated as well as a custom driveshaft to adapt w58 trans to alltrac shaft. This is from my research as i have been looking into this conversion for a while now except im fwd so i get to convert the rear of the car too if i decide too...
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Re: any info on making 90 all-trac rwd

Postby Mafix » Fri May 25, 2012 2:00 am

darkcloud350 wrote:Any info will help. Such as
1 what transmission can mate the 3sgte that can handle rwd
2 What can you do to the stock trans that can either make it fwd or rwd
3 If someone has already converted what have they done

I myself plan on only having rwd for one summer event then going back to awd but for now this is big.

If other topic threads have already started this im sorry I tried looking and all have said only negative stuff

1 w59 with 1s bell housing
1 is200 trans (6 speed)
1 there is always the custom approach using a tremec
2 smelt it down to make the adapter for a real trans
3 remove the body from a rwd lexus and install a celica body (in so many words, of course it wasn't that straight foward)
3 install a high mounted internal tube frame, install american v8, go drag race
3 photochop is way cheaper :D
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Re: any info on making 90 all-trac rwd

Postby Hotrodhendrix » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:37 pm

Step by step guide:
1. remove the AWD compenents that make the alltrac an alltrac
2. Weld in tube frame
3. Install what ever motor and transmission you want
4. Go do doughnuts
5. Tell everyone what you have done
6. Regret what you have done. :bangshead:
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Re: any info on making 90 all-trac rwd

Postby DeeCee » Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:29 am

7. Buy a rwd car for half the cost and double the horsepower after regretting what you have done and spending a load of money to do it.
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Re: any info on making 90 all-trac rwd

Postby OldazzCamrys » Sun Dec 14, 2014 10:52 am

So very interesting, alltrac what a trip right, and the viscous coupler that thing is bonkers, I watched the tech vids someone has posted on the VC, I had no clue how the 4matic got the job done now I see. Well the reason I'm posting here, 1989 toyota camry 1.8l gas four speed auto 4matic LE, when the center locking diff button is off car only has rwd, push the button, green light comes on for the passenger, now when I give it the G'lever all four tires spin. Is mine broken or do I have some kind of super rare rwd version, JK on the last thing I said there. Anyway pre thanks for any insight into the mystery that is my new to me whip, (I love what ya do for me)(toyota)
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