act disc with competition clutch pressure plate?

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act disc with competition clutch pressure plate?

Postby coalcreekComet » Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:04 pm

Hi all, thanks for the help first off! I've got a 90 st185 and i'm going to replace my stage 4 competition clutch. Its not worn out, but something came apart whether its the clutch fork or throw out bearing i'm not sure. All I know is I started it up for work and it started making a funky rotating noise that changed pitch or tone as I pushed the pedal in and out. I tried to drive it anyway but 2 blocks later I had no clutch. I'm thinking the throw out bearing came off.

Anyway, the stage 4 is a great unit but its to stiff for my power needs (hey it was in sale ok! Lol), so my question is can I buy a act stage 1 or 2 and use it with my CC pressure plate? What would be possible down sides to this?I wouldn't normally try something like this but i'm getting desperate. I'm short on cash, and I was thinking I could still have a descent setup this way. Maybe I am wrong for asking at all? Maybe it'll work. Car is stock right now besides intake and down pipe. I built the engine for around 400hp but cash flow has slowed the process. I've only got a motorcycle to ride for now, and Colorado winter is on its way please help thank you.
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Re: act disc with competition clutch pressure plate?

Postby mx6er2587 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:03 pm

you can use the act disc with the competition pressure plate, but the stiffness of the clutch is really in the pressure plate so you're not really going to fix that without a new PP
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