All Trac Diff Questions.

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All Trac Diff Questions.

Postby Xerxas Jade » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:08 am

Morning all.

I have a few questions that despite my searching I still haven't 100% confirmed answers to, I also know some of this is not the easiest or conventional way of doing things but hey whats life without a few challenges.

So this is my situation.

I'm looking at running a Turbo 7AGE on a AE95 5Speed Manual Gearbox and Transfer with a ST185/95 (The IRS ones) Rear Diff with After-market 1.5 LSD in the rear. For use on Dirt.

Now the above combination to the best of my knowledge will all actually go together, where I am running into difficulty is front and centre diff details, so that what i'm hoping you guys can help with.

So my understanding is as follows.
1) A ST185/95 Gearbox's will NOT bolt up-to an A series engine. (Meaning I have to use the AE95 gearbox)
2) A ST185/95 Transfer case will not bolt up-to the C Series gearbox of the AE95 (They are different external dimensions)
3) The Centre diff in the 5 Speed Manual AE95 is either open or locked (using the button) and dose not run a viscus set up like the Celica's or Auto version.
5) The Celica front/centre diff is not interchangeable with the one from the AE95

In a perfect world I would like a Front LSD from the other thread, Centre Viscus, Rear LSD but to my knowledge I cant fit the Celica Diff's into the AE95 housings.

My main concern is that as far as I can tell the AE95 has a open centre diff, couple that with an open front diff and when I get wheel spin Ill end up with one wheel drive. I would like to avoid this from happening so I am open to suggestions.

I ave already considered welding the centre diff to force a 50/50 but have since ruled that out because I would lose the ability to use my hydraulic handbrake.

I know this ended up a bit of a essay but thanks for reading it.
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Re: All Trac Diff Questions.

Postby fussellbug » Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:56 pm

Have you looked at the E55F5 or E57F5 transmissions? They bolt to the 4A-FE engine so they should also work with your 7A-FE.
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