KAAZ Front/Center LSD combo. SERIOUS FEELER!!!

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Re: KAAZ Front/Center LSD combo. SERIOUS FEELER!!!

Postby kevzep » Sat May 26, 2018 3:51 am

eric thompson wrote:
kevzep wrote:
RedCelicaTRD wrote:I’m still mad about this. I wanted a new one!

Its all good, our LSD which is a plate is under test in my rally car (which has about 450bhp) and its done 6 events now and performs extremely well...
These will be available later in the year......stay tuned....
We really need a solution for the VC. It's the weak link. Not that we don't need a front LSD but the VC is problem once that is solved...

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This front LSD we are developing locks the centre. You leave the VC in there but the front LSD Assembly locks the centre.
Believe me, driving a rally car with a VC is not at all satisfying, easy, or quick so we just locked it.
This makes this Front LSD package we are producing, very affordable.
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