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Re: 1991 RC recovery mission - "Rebel Scum"

Tue Jun 13, 2017 1:41 am

It seems my happiness was premature, even with the new wire code 52 shows up and gets worse when everything is fully warmed up. I tried swapping in my spare ECU and had the same result so the only thing left is the sensor itself. I know the plug is the same as the 5SFE knock sensor so I might try swapping the sensor from my spare 5S over and see what happen.

I don't really mind dealing with hiccups, but I hate doing the same thing over and over again, especially when you have to fully reassemble everything to test it. Loosen the lugnuts, lift it up, pull the wheel, pull the crossmember, unbolt the front of the exhaust, break my arm in 3 places so it has enough joints, blindly find the stupid plug. I'm not even sure if there's enough room to get a socket up there to get the sensor out on a RHD model but I guess I'm about to find out.
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Re: 1991 RC recovery mission - "Rebel Scum"

Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:03 am

I replaced the sensor and the problems are finally cleared up, it felt good to drive it and have everything behaving as it should this evening. I'll be getting the door vandlism dealt with next week as well, that'll take care of all the major stuff so now it's just tidying up little odds and ends.

Re: 1991 RC recovery mission - "Rebel Scum"

Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:51 pm

I've completed the break in and I'll be doing the 3rd oil change this weekend. After that I'll be slowly turning up the boost and seeing how it behaves. I did get a bit of a scare this past week because it was running quite rich and felt like it was down on power. It turned out that I had filled up with some less than stellar quality gas (even though it was the same fuel from the same chain of gas station as I always use), so once I refueled it at a different station all was well. Lesson learned to either a) dump the fuel and refill somewhere else or b) drive gently to use up the gas if something isn't running quite right. Either way don't panic immediately.

Re: 1991 RC recovery mission - "Rebel Scum"

Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:16 am

Now that I'm older than I was when I started building this car I've been looking into softening my suspension up a bit for future trips with the wife and incoming child. I pulled up the info from BC on the Swift springs for my coilovers and while looking for deals on the springs I found this site http://www.streettunedmotorsports.com/p ... mm_z65.htm which has the tables of all the specs of all the Swift springs. According to BC our coils need a Z65-178-xxx up front and Z65-203-xxx rear (the format is [diameter (mm)]-[length (mm)]-[rate x10]). The 185 apparently has 60/40 weight distribution, which made BC's suggested 8kg front/4kg rear seem soft in the rear to me. What I didn't realize when I first bought the coilovers is that because the rear springs are longer, the spring rates listed by BC are more balanced than they sound.

According to the tables:
Suggested fronts - Z65-178-080 (8kg springs) - max load 2,064lbs
Suggested rears - Z65-203-040 (4kg springs) - max load 1,228lbs

60/40 = 1.5 (weight distro)
2,064/1,228 = 1.68 (load distro)

Since that's the softest option for that length of rear that's about as balanced as it could be without reducing stroke. I assume you could go to shorter springs and move the perches up but I don't know what effect that would have.

Looking at what I put in:
Front 10kg - max load 2,551lbs
Rear 8kg - max load 2,259lbs

2,551/2,259 = 1.13

Oops. That explains why the rear feels quite stiff to me. I'm leaning towards going to the suggested spring rates so that I can keep the stability in the corners while making some of the crappy roads around here more bearable.

If any of my logic or math here is wrong please correct me, I'd prefer to only have to change this once.

Re: 1991 RC recovery mission - "Rebel Scum"

Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:15 am

Before my road insurance ran out in the spring I went for a drive with a few friends of mine and let them try the car out before I started making it more stock. I got one of them to do a flyby for me since I'd never actually heard it from the outside.


I've since started swapping things back to stock and refurbishing some of the stock parts that will be going back on. Progress is a bit slow since my Jeep is broken at the moment but I'm hoping to have the car done by fall so I can enjoy it for a few months while it isn't so hot. Assuming it doesn't sell first that is.
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