Operation: DARKSPYRO ST204->AWD

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Re: Operation: DARKSPYRO ST204->AWD

Postby New Guy » Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:31 pm

Yeah... I need more! This is an addictive build.
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Re: Operation: DARKSPYRO ST204->AWD

Postby Malek » Wed Oct 15, 2014 2:24 am

Hey Everyone! (Completely forgot about this site :shrug: Don't kill me!)

Anyways, some updates since I last posted!
-1,100 miles! Not much, I know. It's my daily now so miles will go up faster most likely.
-I now have AC AND HEAT!
-Welded a rear floor pan and mounted the tank straight to it. I got fed up with the dropping it and covering idea. Ordered some filler hose so I can run it to the stock fender filler. Tired of filling my gas tank through the trunk haha

-Installed the front GT4 brakes and SS lines. Will be swapping the rotors out with WRX ones for better fitment.
-Welded up a temporary exhaust. Goes under the rear subframe. Looks terrible. Might go side exit for the proper one.
-7gc seats with seat heaters and OEM buttons (because Colorado)
-Welded the proper length hood latch lol
-Sourced a black 2 post hatch for GT-FOUR ness reasons
-New windshield coming up

As far as a weld in kit..call up Hank at Hanksville Hotrods to talk about it. I don't really have the time or drive to be the liaison and set all that up haha

Only pic I have..lost all my other ones when my phone crashed. :doh: Also, don't mind all the dirt lol it's been cleaned up since then.
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