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Project Archfiend

Postby monkracing29 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:22 pm

Alright guys/gals picked up another alltrac a few weeks ago just getting around to posting her up. named her archfiend "demon" got her off of craigslist out by Jefferson City, MO. good deal was a pain to get out and on the trailer. Was told by the owner it needed a timing belt, hasnt been driven in 6 years collecting dust hornets bugs rats. she is a 1990 red alltrac with only 80k miles. salvage title was hit really hard in the front right they looked like they repaired it and put a NB front fender on it hahaha. :shoots: at least i have a coup;le extra WB fenders sitting around. will post pictures when i get home tonight from work.
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Re: Project Archfiend

Postby pero » Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:06 pm

I put narrow body fenders on the front of my ST185 and like it.
As we all know, unless you go with custom offset wheels or big spacers, the front wheels sit too far in from the fender.
The NB fenders really cleaned up the stance.
Plus, I like how my car starts out wide at the back and gets narrow toward the front. Looks purposeful.

If I do this correctly, you'll find a pic below. Unfortunately, I don't have any good shots from the front. Not a great angle, but you can still get a feel for it. Sorry my bike blocks part of the view. Man, I've really gotta take some pics of my car before some idiot (probably me) totals it.
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