25860-88386 switch?

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25860-88386 switch?

Postby tpell1221 » Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:52 pm

ok so i was changing out vacuum lines on my 92 alltrac and i broke a plastic connector off of this switch next to the egr valve and found this part number 25860-88386 on the metal bracket it is attached to and searched it and found a site to buy it from through toyota parts and i purchased it and then they emailed me and told me this part is discontinued and they searched all of the states and not one place has it, now ive decided that i will JB weld it back together but this is not efficient enough for me in the long run so i was wondering if anyone can help me find this or has this and is willing to part with it. i live in queens new york, the closer you are to me the better obviously but let me know if you can help, thanks, Tom.
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