Bringing a ST185 back from the dead one last time

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Re: Bringing a ST185 back from the dead one last time

Postby awdmofo » Mon Mar 26, 2018 4:44 am

crackerjack wrote:
I found mine in June and very close to your story and it is a 91 altrac in white.
Guy did say blown head gasket but sat there for 2 years so the entire engine needed
to be rebuilt.

Now, it is running!!!
Did all the work myself, still have a few things left to do, Its christmas, taking a break and
enjoying the ride.

Sweet ride!! Where you located? I could use some experienced advice because Im about to pay a local shop in ontario to finish the engine rebuild. I'm low on time but finally got a raise at work so you know what that means... MORE CAR PARTS :rofl:!!! I'm suppose to bring the block, head and pistons to my guys shop this saturday 3/31/18. I need to clean the engine bay, remove the rack to get rebuilt, buy all new vacuum lines and what not and get the starter/alt rebuilt. So much fun stuff :roll: .
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Re: Bringing a ST185 back from the dead one last time

Postby crackerjack » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:43 pm

Located in Calgary, Alberta.

Since there aren't that many alltrac in Canada, less than 1000(LHD). I suggest going to Rockauto for parts.

I go to Discount toyota parts that is located in Toronto for OEM parts like turbo drain hose, valve shims, timing belt...etc.

Thinks like water pump i would go to Rockauto as they have really good pricing to Canada. Believe it or not, OEM piston are no longer available through Toyota so I go Ebay for replacement 3SGTE piston 86.5mm
If yours is a 91, then highly recormend you buy complete engine overhaul gasket. There is someone in the UK that
makes a complete kit that includes timing cover gasket(this is the hardest to find). They are all on ebay. Also,
you should buy the cometic Metal head gasket as they don't stock it(made to order). There is a set of OEM TTY bolts in Toronto but its $289.00. Mine are ARP Head studs at $180.00
also, pay attention to your power steering pump, if that leaks, its a pain to get it out(thats my issue right now).

Alternator and starter are on top so its easy to get to.

Good luck..... :D
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