First project ST185 From Canary

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First project ST185 From Canary

Postby ST185l » Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:16 pm

Good evening, I start here my project, this is the main thing I want to do, but over time I will update since I want to do many more things and get more power

I am dismantling the head and would like to eliminate all (or almost all) the dispensable systems of the car.
TVTS, T-vis (although this one I will leave for now), EGR, Canister if it takes?

Not yet whether to remove the air conditioning

I would like to lighten (remove weight) of the car without dispensing with many amenities, I know that there is hood in carbon fiber Carlos Sainz edition, exists in fiberglass?

- Gen 3 cylinder head gasket
- Remaining joints on the top of the engine, is it possible to use the GEN 3 or is it necessary to be GEN 2?
- Downpipe and rest of the escape, I do not know what brand to ride or where to get it
- EBC Electronic Boost Controller, I do not know yet which mount or where to buy it
- Turbo CT26 unmodified 1- 1.2 BAR (I have been told that above 1 bar the original fuel system is inefficient)
- Should mount fuel cut? Where and what to buy
- Higher quality air filter for the original filter box (I do not know which one to assemble or where to buy it)
- Original Intercooler
- Cover valve cover with anti-heat tape
- Cover inside and outside air filter housing

Any advice, something for this first stage that can improve performance?

A little later if possible
Mount intake manifold GEN3
Unlock / fuel cut from the original pump?
Modify the injectors or assemble others, GEN 3 or other similar parts that can be assembled
Raise the boost of the turbo to 1.1 or 1.2 by increasing the efficiency of the pump and / or injectors


4 Cables, wideband?
Possible and advisable to delete? Engine gases at intake
Original part Toyota? Valve and fuel regulation. What function does it have exactly?
Possible to delete? Oil catch Tank or gases from fuel tank (canister)
Possible and advisable to delete? engine gases to Turbocharged
Delete part of TVTS
Delete EGR

Thank you!!!!!
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