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Ciaran's Jap Import 1990 St185 Build

Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:13 pm

Hi All,

My name is Ciaran and Im from Sydney Australia.
I found my first Celica after a couple weeks of searching which was a 2001 Blue 7th Gen with around 140XXXkms on it.
It was a good car for the short time i had it but i had to sell it when i found a working, Grey Narrow body St185 on Gumtree (Australias Criagslist).
The car was in pretty rough shape and had a fucked syncro in second gear when i got it and i probably paid way to much for it but the ad was only up for 3 days before i bought it.

The last owner had had the car since Jan 2016 and i bought it off him in September and he managed to stuff it up alot in that short time :(
He had bought it stock from a Celica enthusiast and spent thousands on dumb decisions for the car.
He put on 17inch rims on the car which were scraping on the mudguards when you turned the wheels, got some dodgey custom pipework done and a front mount intercooler put on (which wasnt even connected right and had battery relocated to the boot) and got a 'sound system' put in which was all done with twisting the wires together and taping them.
Only smart move he probably did was a custom 3 inch exhaust job done but then he though it was a brilliant idea to put a 5 inch cannon on as the muffler :bangshead:

When i got the car i drove it for 5 minutes before it overheated and had to pull over. The radiator was gone dry :|
I had to get one of my friends to bring me 5 bottles of water just so i could limp the car home
The car was then 'throwing up' coolant whenever you stoped, had boost cuts, a nearly ruined gearbox and was nearly undriveable because i could hardly turn because of the massive wheels

So the work began and so far i think ive made some great progess with the car!
I fixed the throwing up coolant issue after a week, found the manual boost tee in the engine bay hidden under everything and removed that (fixing the boost issues), send the car away to get the gearbox fixed, fixed the shocks as they were also destroyed, replaced the front cv joints, fixed the broken boot struts, replaced the dashboard as it was cracked, replaced nearly all the aircon buttons (really hard to find cause AUDM models are different), fixed the intercooling piping, got the stock muffler put back on so i didnt have the dildo cannon getting me pulled over buy the cops (car is still pretty loud), fixed the terrible audio job and crimpped all the wires and installed a new radio and sub woofer and cleaned the inside and outside of the car religiously so that it looks shiny and amazing ^_^

I have some mad future plans for the car, im getting new rims put on today which is exciting (also getting the car checked by a mechanic because the rad hoses broke last week), getting it retuned and dynoed in the next couple weeks (jap ecu is still in and fuel economy is terrible and need more boost as 7psi stock isnt cutting it with the mods it has ahha), i am hoping to get it resprayed very soon which would be awesome, get some boost gauges put in, white led all the speedo and headlights and anything else i can think over time (open to suggestions).
Who knows i could get a bigger turbo or something in future i am kinda aiming for 200kw ish or something close to that

Sorry for the lonngggg post, i hope you all enjoy seeing the updates i do to the car over time, its probably not going to be the most exciting and expensive thread cause i aint rich so i hope you enjoy anyways


(will upload more photos soon i just need to get them uploaded to my laptop)
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Re: Ciaran's Jap Import 1990 St185 Build

Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:36 pm

Welcome! If you're not getting above 7psi make sure the TVSV is hooked back up and functional after you removed that boost controller (assuming you have no CEL).

Re: Ciaran's Jap Import 1990 St185 Build

Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:01 am

underscore wrote:Welcome! If you're not getting above 7psi make sure the TVSV is hooked back up and functional after you removed that boost controller (assuming you have no CEL).

Thanks for the assistance!

Got some new tires done today!
Look pretty good!
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