Starting my new project - dubbed "Project Simulacra"

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Starting my new project - dubbed "Project Simulacra"

Postby waldorfa » Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:32 pm

I've been a Toyota fan since I learned how to driver in my Dad's Geo Prizm. I currently drive an 08 Yaris which I adore. Recently I've started making enough money to have some left over cash so it's project time! My vision is to create what Mr. Regular called a "Simulacra" in his FJ Cruiser video here. A car that never really existed but is somehow familiar. I want to take a Toyota Camry all-trac and swap in the internals of a Celica all-trac, creating a car that really should have been, the Camry All-trac GT Four!

The first step of any project is finding the shell, and one happened to come up just a few weeks ago in Albuquerque:

Photo Album

It's a 91 All trac with an auto transmission and the 3S-FE engine. The exterior is all banged up and faded but I love that "lived in" look and plan to keep it that way if possible. Not a fan of the baby blue paint so I may have it repainted one day, but that patina! The owner sold it on the cheap because the engine is surging at idle due to who knows how many vacuum leaks. Not a problem for me of course because I plan on swapping it and the trans out. The next step is to drain the fluids and start removing stuff. I plan to gut the interior and dash, swap most of the internals, and possibly put a cage in it. All of this will probably take years as I work full time and have a family. I plan on taking pictures as I go and adding them to the photo album linked above.
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