How To Wire in Starter Switch

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How To Wire in Starter Switch

Postby Alikazam » Sun May 16, 2021 7:50 pm

Ok, so I've heard this is really common on these cars that the start circuit with the key switch can and often does have a hard time functioning. Mine seemed to work OK after first getting the car starting, only needing to take 2 tries sometimes before it would kick over. One morning it left me stranded with no cranking cuz it was very cold out. A jump start adding a little extra juice did the trick. Another morning it did the same thing and this time I had a length of wire and unplugged the normal starter engage wire and jumped between the + terminal on the battery and the starter enable connection and it kicked right over and started (my clutch switch is already bypassed). So I eventually installed a Push Start switch in my cabin to make this easier to do. I've retained the original start circuit on the NC side of the relay so they key still works as well, when it would work normally. I've attached the relay diagram to show how to wire this up. I originally had a 10A fuse in line but one time when I had low battery and was cranking it blew that fuse, so I've upped it to a 20A and not had an issue since. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.
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