[How To] Change a wheel bearing

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[How To] Change a wheel bearing

Postby zak062 » Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:02 pm

I saw no article on how to change a wheel bearing when i did mine so i figured i'd right now. Its pretty simple and straight forward.

1. Jack up the car and take of the tire

2. Remove the cotter pin and castle nut for the axle.

3. Remove the axle bolt. If ur by yourself, u can put a 14mm wrench inside the vents on the rotors and put tension on it to remove it. The axle nut is 30mm iirc. Otherwise, have someone hold the brakes.

4. Remove the brake caliper. Its done by removing a 14mm bolt on the bottom of the caliper and then rotating the caliper up til its straight and sliding it off the pin. Tie up the caliper with a piece of string.

4. Remove the rest of the brake braket by removing 2 17mm bolts on the top and bottom bracket. It may take some force to pop it out.

5. Remove the rotor. This can be a pita if it hasn't been done in a while. Take a block of wood and a mallet. Hit the back side of the rotor with the wood in between the rotor and hammer. While doing this rotate the rotor till it breaks looks. It will take some force to pull it off.

6. Loosen the strut to hub bolts. Do not remove them yet. They are 2 19mm nuts and bolts. So u need two sockets/ratchets.

7. Remove the tie rod. It should be a cotter pin with a 17mm castle nut. They take some force to pop out. Its best to have a tie rod fork. Just be careful not to rip the boot.

8. Disconnect the control arm. This is done by remove 2 17mm nuts and 1 17mm bolt underneath the hub. Once the bolts are off u can push down on the control arm (closer to the hub is easier) and pulling up on the part where the hub connects to the control arm. Or just wedge a pry bar in between and have at it.

9. Now its time to remove the axle. It should just slide out of the hub but may need to be tapped with a hammer a bit. Once out, tie it up like the caliper. Dont be scared if the front half of the hub falls, the rotor keeps that in place. Mine fell, no biggy.

10. If u have ABS, u need to remove the speed sensor. Theres a clip u need to bend to get the line out and then a 10 mm bolt next to the sensor. It should just pop out. Mine didn't, i dont like the ABS so i just cut it.

11. Now remove the strut to hub bolts. U may need a punch, mine where lucky enough to slide out with a bit of effort.

12. You should have the hub off now. To avoid damaging the dust shield, remove it. Theres three toris bolts on the back.

13. Theres an odd shaped snap ring u need to remove before trying to get the bearing out. I didn't know this and pounded at it for hours (literally).

14. The bearing comes out towards the front of the hub. U can rent a press from an auto store. Mine cost 160$. Or u can take it to a shop who may charge you 50$ to do it.

Install is opposite of removing. I have pictures for reference.
Removing the brakes
Removing the tie rod
bad bearing
trying to get old bearing old. Didn't know there was a snap ring. I heated it up, i dont suggest it. It destroys the old bearing making a mess and makes it a bit harder.
heating up again
old bearing finally removed
screwed up snap ring
New snap ring
New bearingImage
New bearing installed. You need to keep the orange thing inside until you install the front of the hub where the studs are. That orange thing keeps the bearing together.
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